Just bought a Charleston dress in the black and white graphic print at the Wye Island Regatta. I paired it with a jacket for work today and received so many compliments! It's amazingly comfortable and the fabric is luxe. So glad to discover you and am talking you up here in Pittsburgh.


Lisa Michel

Thank you so much this is excellent service. Thanks for all of your help,

Thank you!

I am so excited about the long sleeve dress - I own two of your summer dresses and I love them!

Marianne B.

Wow! That was the fastest order I have ever received...and my daughters love it all!

Kurt B.

At the Newark airport on my way to Arizona with nothing but Spunkwear in my suitcase. Please bring back my favorite the halter top and add another longer length dress option.

Kate P.

I LOVE these dresses- every style is awesome! I am pear shaped and the dresses are super flattering!

Elizabeth D.

I love spunkwear because when I am playing sports it is so comfortable!! I also love spunkwear because it is super fashionable!! They have the cutest prints, and my favorite is the blue crab because I love crabs, and the color blue!! I love their leggings and spandex hoodies because I can wear them when ever and they always are comfy, and fashionable!! I heard about spunkwear from Instagram, and at lacrosse tournaments! I love how the give everyone a chance to win things on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter!! That is why I love spunkwear!

Mary Kate Allen

I love spunkwear because it was made in Maryland and it shows that with its Maryland print! I first heard about spunkwear from my lacrosse friends and now I love it! My favorite product are the spunkwear dresses because it allows me to wear spunkwear even when I'm not playing sports! They also have the best social media contests where you can win FREE spunkwear! I love spunkwear!

Margaret L.

Love all my Spunkwear! New favorite capris with side pockets

Krista M.